Photographing of holidays

Everybody loves holidays – both adults and children! But they have a property to come to an end quickly and it is very important to have pleasant memories. Not only in memory, but also on a photo. Therefore by preparation for an important event the invitation of the professional photographer is also important, as well as the order of a banquet and mailing of invitation cards.

Professional photographing of holidays is the combination of reporting-genre and art-production shooting. Such photographing demands special skills therefore my task as the photographer is to finish shooting the most unusual moments and to experiment with unusual foreshortenings in order to have the most pleasant impressions of viewing of photos, and to want to endure this important for you event again and again.

Photographing can be ordered on any celebration – anniversaries, office parties, concerts, hen nights/bachelor parties, children's morning performances and graduation party.

If you want that the most colourful moments of your holiday will remain in your memory forever, order me as a photographer and you will receive the whole album of unique shots and a set of pleasant memories!

  • Photographing of holidays - Anniversary


  • Photographing of holidays - Primier Orchestra

    Primier Orchestra

  • Photographing of holidays - Birthday


  • Photoreport Millennium - клуб

    Photoreport Millennium

  • Photographing of holidays - Birthday


  • Photographing of holidays - Birthday


  • Photographing of holidays - Corporate party

    Corporate party

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