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It is a little about myself

I, Domoronok Vadim - the wedding photographer, was born in 1982 in the city of Minsk, Republic of Belarus. I fell in love with the photo in the childhood. Polaroid - the easiest and fast way of receiving pictures was my first camera. I photographed everything that was interesting - natives, friends, the nature. Process of photographing and viewing of photos brought me many positive emotions. But, unfortunately, expensive cartridges for Polaroid scattered very quickly, pocket money wasn't enough and I had to leave the hobby for an indefinite term...

School, then institute, army and work. In 2007 I finished training and I gained the diploma in "Web design and computer graphics". Many years passed, and by 27 years I had more opportunity and time for the photo. I began with studying of the market of photoequipment and as a result chose the budgetary mirror Sony Alpha DSLR-A350 camera with the high-aperture lens Sony 50F1.4. I admit at once that for me Sony Alpha was and is the best of all systems. Within a year I read thousands of pages of thematic literature, studied bases of process of photographing and post-processing, saw a huge number of photos and video with master classes of famous photographers. But, nothing helps with improvement such as personal practice. I photographed everything and all. In 2009 acquaintances suggested me to be a photographer at their wedding. Then they recommended me to their acquaintances. I always agreed with pleasure. This genre pleased me, so my hobby, after several years of independent studying and practice in the photo, developed into my favourite work. In free time from shooting of weddings I with pleasure comprehend also other genres of the photo.

Wedding photographing in Moscow - Igor & Nadia

Many people consider that wedding photographing is not creativity, but commerce and work on templates. Certainly, such opinion is wrong. Undoubtedly, many wedding photographers will agree with me that on us heavy responsibility lies and in our work there is no right for a mistake. We won't be able to make a copy of a wedding in other day, as, for example, in other genres. The template can be only one — it is maximum to fulfill this day and to make beautiful pictures that later for many years these wedding photos became for someone memories of the most valuable and pleasant moments in their life. It is excessively to speak about difficulties in the day of wedding photographing. In this genre it is necessary to work that to understand it.

The best a photo system from — Sony Alpha (The wedding photographer — Vadim Domoronok;-)

As I have already spoken, the best equipment I consider Alpha system from Sony.
From 09 till 11 - Sony Alpha DSLR-A350/550 + Sony SAL-1870 + Sony SAL-50F14 + Sigma 70300DG + Sony HVL-F42AM
From 11 till 13 - Sony Alpha SLT-A77VQ + Sony SAL-1650 + Sony SAL-50F14 + Sigma 70200F2.8 + Sony HVL-F42AM/F58AM
From 2014 - Sony Alpha SLT-A99 + Sony SAL-2470F2.8Z + Sigma 70200F2.8 + Sony SAL-135F1.8Z + Sony HVL-F43M/F60M

As I have already spoken, the best equipment I consider Alpha system from Sony.  - Sony A99 + 2470F2.8z + 70200F2.8s + 135F1.8z + F43M + F60M

I got used completely and with soul to be given to favourite business. I always watch development and tendencies in the field of the photo, graphics and design. In work I use the newest technologies, receptions and ways of processing. Almost in 5 years of photographing more than 170 thousand photos were made, my personal archive contains about 11 thousand processed photos. You can see part of my works on this site. Works will be constantly updated, and it will be very pleasant to me if you examine my creativity!

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events are created by people, leaving traces.
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